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by Rehana Thu Feb 13, 2014 5:17 am
Telly actresses give an insight in to what women want on V-day.

For some, Valentine's Day is all about thoughtful gifting and for some it's all about spending some precious moments together. Overall, the day of love should not be ignored as these messages of 'I care for you' and 'I love you' with a magnanimous dose of pampering and a generous layer of affection is what makes women feel they are wanted. And what better occasion than the Valentine's to let your woman know how madly, deeply and truly you love her?

Agree, the woman's heart is one unfathomable labyrinth which has a sea of emotions, thoughts and great expectations. But many women feel, it's not difficult to fathom their inner feelings and understanding what they want is not rocket science at all. All women want is a gentle caress and a tender touch of love that's worth more than a billion rupee; gifts are just physical manifesations of love.

Here's what some of TV's fave women had to say about what women, in general, want from men on the day of love:

Dipika Samson

Women love attention and love to be pampered by the love of their lives. What a woman appreciates is a gift that makes her feel special and not necessarily material gifts. It's important to make her feel that she is the special one in a man's life. A man can always create an environment full of love like a candlelit dinner at an open terrace restaurant or a beach side in complete isolation from the world. A candlelit dinner at home with good music can make a woman feel like a queen.

Shraddha Arya

The best gift your man can give on Valentine's Day is his time. What more can you give or ask for?

Kanica Maheshwari

The best gift for a woman is pampering and time from the man for his beloved. That's the most touching and memorable gift a woman will never want to lose. Just like a woman stands by her man in all occasions in life no matter what the situation is, she also needs special attention and memories on a special day which could be in the form of physical gifts too. It's true that women wait for birthdays, anniversaries and V-Day to grab some special moments with their better halves.

Rashami Desai

Valentine's Day stands for expression of love conveyed. A man should gift what a woman likes based on the woman's likes and dislikes and accordingly choose a gift. One should be particular about even what colors to choose for the occasion, as women are very particular when they are being pampered with a gift. A woman basically expects to be pampered with flowers and gifts which she likes. What matters too is the giver's intention and affection while gifting on the day.

Shraddha Musale

I don't think women expect anything materialistic on V-Day, probably these are left for birthdays and anniversaries. Beautiful flowers can do the needful. In general, a woman wants her partner to make this day special, in whichever creative way, where she expects surprises and wants to spend quality time together which includes expressions of love.

Shama Sikander

A man should survey his woman's likes and dislikes. Girls have an emotional and sensitive side that believes that her man should know what her choices are. And if the man gets a blooper which doesn't match her choice, she feels hurt and concludes that he doesn't care enough. I like thoughtful gifts. Like Alex (my boyfriend) set up a mirror system and an inverter in my car, so that I can get my make up and hair tools done anytime of the day, even when I'm travelling.


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