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by Pardeep Mon Nov 11, 2013 5:30 am
Many businesses today use conferencing as a means of conducting meetings, presentations or rolling out new training plans new ideas to the company. Whilst conferences are highly beneficial to all involved they can also present a number of logistical problems. For example a suitable conference room needs to be found, the best possible date needs to be arranged so that the maximum number of participants are free, invitations need to be sent, food needs to be arranged, travel needs to be arranged and sometimes even overnight accommodation and flights have to be arranged. In other words planning a conference or a series of conferences can be a full-time job.
Today however thanks to massive development in various web-based technologies, web conferencing is now a very valid and a real option anyone looking to host a conference without the usual hassles. Web conferencing can be used to streamline meetings and presentations using the Internet. Each of the people involved in web conferencing will be sent an invitation to the conference with the time and date of the Web conference on this. When the conference is ready to begin all participants must be sat at their computers and they'll be connected one by one of the Internet.
Web conferencing can be hosted on a web-based application, in this scenario all attendees will be given a website URL to enter at the start of the Web conference. Web conferencing can also be conducted directly via download application which has to be downloaded onto each of the conference attendees PCs. This means that attendees of a web conference now only have to make themselves available 5 or 10 minutes prior to the start of the web conferencing session and the duration of the session. Rather than having to spend a day travelling to the conference and attending the conference.
Web conferencing not only cut down on travelling time, it can help conference organisers to save a great deal of money. Businesses that are also looking to provide a greener and more environmentally friendly service are also turning to Web conferencing as a means of hosting and participating in conferences without having so much of an impact on the environment. Many web conferencing options even allow video presentations which further enhance the conference experience. Many web conferencing services also include the option for the audience to participate in a conference, with such things as a question-and-answer session at the end of the conference or allowing them to interject with comments/questions during the body of the conference.
Web conferencing is much cheaper, greener and more people friendly way of hosting and attending conferences. As a result many of the business partnerships that utilise Web conferencing find that conference participation vastly increases when Web conferencing is used. So if you are a business that regularly hosts of participate in group conferences which are held outside of your business premises with attendees from outside the business why not consider using Web conferencing and boosting the numbers of your attendees?

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