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by Pardeep Sat Nov 09, 2013 11:12 am
An IP Camera is a stand-alone device that transmits video and sometimes audio through a computer network, using either network cable or wireless technology. It has a built-in web server which allows the camera to run individually without being connected to a PC. It also allows you to view the audio and video by connecting directly to the camera with your internet browser without any software being installed. This allows you access the camera from any location on the planet from any PC.
IP cameras have many advantages over traditional CCTV security cameras. Features such as wireless connectivity, remote viewing over the internet, the ability to record to a remote location plus no more changing video tapes as all data is digitally recorded onto a PC.
Advanced features of network cameras can offer added security for certain applications. These features include infrared, motion detection and pan/tilt/zoom.

If low light is an issue then infrared is a must. Cameras can come with a built-in IR (Infrared) lens or the ability for an add-on IR lens to be equipped. Infrared is a wave of light that is outside of the visible part of the colour spectrum. Infrared illuminators shine this wave of light which the lens picks up. If infrared is not necessary then do not bother as a normal lens will pick up a much better picture in normal light.

Motion Detection
Many network cameras come with a feature called motion detection. Hot-Spots can be setup within the video frame to detect motion. Once motion is detected, the camera will begin recording or generate a snapshot which can be emailed to you or sent to a web server. Snapshots can also be sent to a mobile phone or PDA.

Having the ability to pan and tilt adds greater security if you have a large viewing area. Once logged into a network camera with pan and tilt capabilities, controls appear next to your video allowing you to move the camera left, right, up and down. The controls can even be used even over the internet.
As well as pan and tilt, many cameras come with zoom. Zooming is also handy when a greater detail of video is needed. Network Cameras can come with two methods of Zooming: Optical and Digital. Optical is best as digital simply enlarges the given area and does not add anything further to the image.
Why are they useful?

An IP network camera can be useful in a number of situations.

Office or shop

For the boss who needs to keep an eye on his staff to make sure they working and do not have their hands in the till at any time of day and from anywhere in the world.

In a lock up or warehouse

This offers the more security than usual as recordings can be done off site so any potential intruders would not be able to sabotage any recordings.

In the home

Whether at work or on holiday the peace of mind of being able to check up on your home is invaluable.

To check up on an elderly relative or babysitter

More and more people are having them fitted at the home of an elderly relative to check on their well being in the event that they are not contactable by phone. They are also useful to check in on a babysitter or cleaner who you may have suspicions of.

"We foresee Network IP cameras being in every home or workplace within the next 5 years or so" said a spokesman from PC Recovery. "They are an invaluable tool that is going to drastically reduce crime and will add peace of mind to elderly and vulnerable people."

Author : Paul Orams


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