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The Squat

The mother of all lower body exercises, the squat targets the muscles of your thighs, butt, hips, quads and hamstring. When it’s done with weights, it engages your lower back, upper back, abs, shoulders and arms – essentially making it a complete full body exercise! However, it’s important to do the squat properly; bad form or posture can lead to injuries.

Leg Press

Done on the leg press machine, it’s the most important gym equipment for weight training other than the Smith Machine. While the leg press engages other leg muscles, it’s best for your quadriceps. There are usually two variations of the machine – one has you sit normally, while the other version has you lie down and push upwards with your legs. Whichever machine you have in the gym, it’s essential that you hit your quads from time to time.


Any leg workout is incomplete without lunges. It can be done without weights or with barbells (on the shoulders), dumbbells or kettlebells. This exercise requires proper balance and posture and is actually harder than it looks. The great thing about them is you can do the anywhere, and not you can use it to tone or shape your thighs and butt!

Leg extension

Another exercise that hits the quad, the leg extension machine also comes in two varieties – sitting or lying down. It should be kept in mind that while doing this exercise, you fully extend your legs 90 degrees to get the full benefits. Make sure your upper body remains stable while doing this exercise.

Seated Calf Raise

The seated calf raise is usually done a calf raise machine that is present in most gyms. However, if there’s no machine in the gym, you can also do it by putting a barbell across your thighs or keeping dumbbells on them. It’s far more effective than the standing calf raise machine which puts the weight on your spine and well help you build killer calves.


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