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by Pardeep Sat Nov 09, 2013 11:12 am
Nowadays laptop has become a very common means of studying and working. With the potential development of Information Technology, this device will promise to continue to play a very important role in our life. Although laptop is so common like this, there are not many people knowing how to use and maintain it in a right way. The following advices may be useful for you.

1. Avoid letting laptops fall down

Laptops should be placed on a safe position so that they do not fall. Further more, physical damages like this will make the guaranty right invalid so repairing them will cost much money. For example, placing the laptop at the middle of the table instead of placing it near the edge of the table or it when easily fall down when it is clashed. Even when those damages can be recovered, the laptop will not be as durable as it is if there are no damages.

2. Do not place heavy objects on the laptop

Putting heavy objects may break some parts of the laptop. This will destroy its hard wares and affect badly the operation of soft wares. It is the best to place nothing on the laptop. Many people have the bad habit of letting their working desk look like a mess and there is no space free. As they choose the laptop to put other things on. Therefore, tidy your working place and puts things in order is a very essential action.

3. Do not let laptops be soaked or wet

Mobile phones, cameras, laptops or other electronic devices should be completely prevented from getting soaked or wet. Water is one of the most dangerous factor can disable the laptop. In unlucky cases, users should immediately detach the laptop's battery and use driers to make it dry. By doing this, damages will be reduced the most.

4. Ways to lengthen battery life

Battery is one of the most important components in a laptop. It is also a component that causes the most inconvenience to the laptop. Battery life usually lasts from 2 to 7 hours. Luckily, there are some hints that can help you to lengthen it such as reduce the lighting level of the screen, activate the standby mode after a certain time when you do not touch the laptop. Nowadays, manufacturers still continue to study and produce better batteries which have longer life and more durable.

5. Use suitable virus software

One of the advantages of laptops is that it is movable and you can take it everywhere. This means that the laptop will be connected to different networks in different places. There may be unsafe network among these ones so the laptop can be affected by viruses or spy wares. There are many ways to help your laptop prevent from being attacked by those dangerous risks like install an effective anti-virus soft ware in the laptop and update it regularly. Among various anti-virus soft wares in the market, users should study and choose the best one which is suitable to the configuration of the laptop. Unsuitable laptop may bring us some inconveniences such as slow speed, taking up much space in the memory, etc.

Author: Jim Brown


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