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by Rehana Thu Jun 27, 2013 6:33 am
5. Scented massage
There's no better way to initiate sensual touching with your partner than an exciting massage. Create a mood of love, romance and bliss this V-day by giving each other full body massages with aromatic massage oils. "Couples who practice massages in their relationship often report that they feel closer to their partners. It encourages sexual desires, so they are not just connecting on a sensual level, but on a physical level too. This in turn builds trust and love. It fosters an intense bond, which is necessary for a truly connected and intimate relationship between two people. Keeping your hands in contact with your partner's skin is necessary for it to be a lasting and loving intimate relationship," explains sex therapist Dr. Simridhi Siddique.

"My wife loves getting pampered. So, this V-day I'm planning to prepare a home spa for her. I'm looking forward to pampering her with a hot oil massage. I just hope the massage session graduates into an eventful night for both of us," shares Hemant Kulkarni, a Delhi-based advertising professional. "There is a wide range of massage oils ranging from strawberry, chocolate, wild cherry and others to choose from. Ylang Ylang oil is the most popular oil when it comes to boosting sex-drive," suggests aromatherapist Dr. Naresh Arora of Chase Aroma Therapy.

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