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by Sunny Tue Feb 26, 2013 7:45 am
We've seen it in HUMTUM :o

"ladki kyun na jaane kyun ladko si nahi hoti ..."

"... is liye ladkiyo ladko si nahii hotii "

.. and countless times in real life, ..

:roll: the Battle of the Genders :roll:

It's not just about equality on the legal, political, career oriented level, it's evident in the relationships with one another, the way each think, the existing stereotypes about "typical" guys or girls.
The Battle of Genders

We may be inclined to pass of some certain behaviours as being typically male, or we may grudge that "it's because she's a girl, that's why". We'd say being a chatterbox or love shopping is to be so typically girlish, or that eating half the meal set on the table, typically a guy.

But then again, try as we might, there DO exist those inevitable differences. Maybe it's a social bias, or maybe it simply has to do with the biological makeup of who we are. Guys can't help it if they can't give birth, women aren't to blame for not going bald, right? Is it really in our genes to wear makeup? Or not?

So, do girls really have it easier than guys? Do guys have the advantage in being guys? What's your take?


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