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by Pardeep Fri Aug 09, 2013 7:47 am
Texting no-nos
Flirting with your boyfriend, old or new, via SMS is fun. But before you begin typing, make sure you don't commit these seven deadly texting sins.

Wat u syin'?

Wts the pt of snding a sxy msg if he wont undrstd it? :-* Dnt abvt. Using SMS lingo defeats the purpose of flirting by text. He'll either spend too much time decoding what you're saying and so miss the point, or misinterpret it completely.

Time it right

It might not be a good idea to send him a flirty/sexy text message during the work day, when he's busy. You don't want to be the reason he's distracted in an important meeting. Lunch breaks or commuting hours are a better option.

Don't forget timing

It's everything. The best flirting guides tell you not to appear too desperate. The same applies when mobile flirting, especially if you've just met someone. Play a little hard to get; wait a decent amount of time (say five, 10, 12 minutes) before you reply. Don't wait too long or he may think you're not interested.

Don't write a short story

Even on a regular basis, people are put off by long messages. So avoid sending very wordy love texts. They're supposed to be fun, and maybe build up to a date later. So that means one mustn't type messages that need to be sent in two parts. Ever. It just kills it.

Emotions don't work

At the end of the day, the cellular phone is a mechanical instrument. It's can't transmit annoyance, sadness, happiness or flirtatiousness. And there's only so much a :) or :( can say. So don't load your text with meaning that's not spelt out.

Check the number

Just like with emails, you don't want the wrong person getting a steamy text meant for your boyfriend. Especially your parent, a colleague or a client! So, check the number (at least twice) before you hit send.

Delete, delete, delete

If you're dating someone on the sly, because your parents don't approve, it's a good idea not to let incriminating messages sit in your inbox. Delete! Especially if you have a suspicious mom or inquisitive younger sibling who's likely to tell.


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