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by Ameena Ajmi Sat Aug 31, 2013 9:01 am
Spyware is a nasty virus, which assaults the computer by breaking its security set up. The attack results in loss of data and critical information which is very personal in nature. The data's are then carried to the assailant who uses the information for his benefit. Spyware attack controls the PC and intercepts you online

To prevent from such nasty attack the important way is to prevent them from assaulting your computer. Another form of virus which is quite similar to spyware is malware. The latter tends to attack the computer to remove the financial information's. Spyware is a informer whereas Malware is a thief. The attack of spyware results in crashing of hard disk of the PC. The attack from this virus slows down the computer to a large extent and spam the system.

With the spread of these attacks Microsoft and other software companies has come up with various software programs to block them from harming your computer as well as the information's therein. The general tips and guidance to keep your computer free from such attacks are given below.

- To avoid such harm, update the Microsoft windows. This updates are regular, and the vital software is installed in your computer as immediately as they are available to them and these updates are primarily directed to protect the windows operating system. Both the Internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox do the same thing to your browser.

- set up a Spyware Blaster software in your PC that disallows any form of spyware from assaulting your PC and is very easy and safe to install.

- Always be careful about the websites you visit Many small boys and girls and even matured people, listen to music or play games online. Many people also visit the mature sites These are some very vulnerable places the virus takes the lead for entering to your computer.

- They keep your data's safe from such devious attacks it is necessary to keep a back up of data's and be extra cautious Only relying on the preventive software may not help to be a safe move. The back up data is the safest form of decision.

- Apart from all the safety measures, you should install a competent anti-virus software which blocks their entry to you computer when you are online and displays permission from the user whether to allow such site to your PC or not.

- Do not permit anybody to install any program in your computer without your authorization. A periodical servicing of the PC by a expert software technologist is desired. These technicians keep themselves abreast in the line of computer technology and its developments.

- Lastly, the best protection against Spyware is to block it from having access to your PC. Both the virus and antivirus software are developing in their own spheres. Therefore it is necessary to keep yourself update with the up gradation.


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