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From dining alone at a star hotel to asking your dog to be your Valentine, many youngsters in Kochi prefer to be single on V-Day and do crazy things

If you don't have a Valentine on Valentine's Day, don't be sad. Most people don't have AIDS on World AIDS Day," says Saniya, a single woman in the city. This is one of the several responses we got when we quizzed youngsters on their plans for V-Day today.

Surprisingly, a majority of youngsters said that they are "single and happy". Speed dating, candlelight dinners, roses and stuffed teddy bears don't seem to amuse them anymore. From pampering oneself to spending time with their pet dogs, single girls and boys are making the most of the day, sans a Valentine. And no, they are not anti-Valentine! We asked a few singles in the city to list out their plans for V-Day and this is what they had to say.

I'm my Valentine!
Atheena, a fine arts student in Kochi, who is enjoying her singlehood, has charted out a plan for herself. "I am my Valentine! And I'm not going to make it any less than a couple's day out. I have made a reservation for a special dinner at a five-star hotel. And I will be dining all alone," she says.

Akhil, a student in Kochi, on the other hand will celebrate V-Day with his valentine — his pet dog! "My dog is my love. While couples will be busy walking hand in hand, I will be walking with my dog. That would make me stand out in the crowd of lovers," says Akhil.

What's the fun without a singles' night out? "A few of my girlfriends and I will party at my place today. We'll order food and watch chick flicks. But the night would be incomplete without something daring acts. So we'll play the truth or dare game, just for fun. Last year, one of my friends even called up her ex and foul-mouthed him. There might be a similar episode this time too," says Diya, a law student in Trivandrum.

Easy on the pockets
While girls are usually showered with expensive gifts and surprises, their boyfriends, however, are not so fortunate "February is the most expensive month for the guys in love," points out Nikhil, a commerce student in Kochi, who is not keen on the idea of speed dating. "It has become a trend to shower girlfriends with the most expensive gifts. I'm thanking my stars that I don't have a girlfriend," he adds.

Privilege to flirt

Ask them what is the best thing about being single and they say, "Freedom". "You don't have to worry if you have put on a few extra pounds or if the new haircut has turned out to be a horror story. And the interesting bit is that you can flirt with anybody you want. No tensions, no fights," says Aabha, a media student.

We're not against V-Day

If you thought these 'single and happy' souls are against the idea of having a Valentine, dating or being in a relationship, you stand corrected. "A relationship has nothing to do with my happiness," says Reema, a young working professional in Trivandrum and adds, "I respect true relationships but there are too many superficial ones, that I rather stay single and wait until I meet my Mr Right."

(*Some names have been changed on request)

Psychologist speak

"Nothing says your life is complete if you are in a relationship. If youngsters want to spend the day with themselves or with their close friends on V-Day, they are equating the day to Friendship Day. It has a relationship dimension to it. After all, Valentine's Day is the celebration of relationship. Moreover, many youngsters today don't want to go through the trauma of a breakup later. They are no longer under any peer pressure to define them by being in a relationship. Passionate affairs might entice them, but they are not too serious about such things," says Dr C J John, psychologist.


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