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by Rehana Thu Feb 26, 2015 4:47 am

A brilliant demo of the right technique of doing press handstand. Please watch the video carefully and properly before trying this at home. If you can ask someone to stand besides you when you practice this, it would be great as it would reduce the risk.

Here is a question from one of the viewers:
Ques.: This is my tenth time doing this I don't think I am strong enough to do it I can't hold the first step long enough and I'm not that well balanced going up and I'm also kind of scared to lift my 2 legs up to go into the handstand I don't know if I didn't stretch enough or what please reply if you think you know what my problem is.

Ans.: You should try doing arm workouts :D weights or something heavy if your doing weight I would get a ten pound one too start. Here are a few ways to use the weight lie down put one hand out to the side hold the weight in that hand and do 10-20 of those each day or do this but going behind you head or just do normal sitting ones but I found both worked for me. If u do 20 of these each day I think u might see results in a week? I don't know, I cant remember but it really does help even though I didn't have my full press handstand so close! It really helped me improve because before I did the weights I couldn't even carry myself off da ground. Also core strength I will just say do 20-30 sit-ups a day also another good arm workout is push-ups. Sorry for the long comment and spelling mistakes its hard to wrote on a phone.


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