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by Pardeep Mon Oct 14, 2013 9:04 am
Initial Play is foremost : The journey to bliss is as gratifying as the final destination and ignoring the voyage will only take away the bonus points that you can score on your way. So, rather than heading straight for sex, it's high time men realized the importance of initial play from their lady luck. Men give a mechanical touch to the otherwise sensitive and sensual act by chasing the climax and thus ignoring the pleasure pacts that the two can sign mid-way. So, learning the art of seduction and initial play is the primary and the most important lesson that a man can learn from his gal.

Pleasure comes with patience : Making love is definitely about giving and receiving pleasure. Men are undoubtedly aware about this lesson, but only partially. Most of the times, they are more concerned about their own pleasure and completely sideline what their woman wants. Be it compromising on the arousal time, cutting down on initial play or for that matter leaving her mid-way once he has are more into wham-bam-slam-thank you mam-kinda sex. On the other hand, the female counterpart accompanies you right from the beginning till the time you hit your peak irrespective of the stage she is in, expecting you to give her the same degree of patience and pleasure. So, men learn that love is not only about ‘taking' it's also about ‘giving'...and that pleasure gets doubled when both partners enjoy it!

Don't force sex, rather give space : Be it letting the female partner pick and choose the sexual fantasies that they want to duplicate in the bedroom or waiting for her to start liking for your way of sex, which might be wild, wacky, dirty and must learn to respect the choice, preference and comfort zones of their ladies. Men often end up treating their women like sex-objects, while they are busy gratifying their own bizarre sexual wants from her. So they should learn to give their partner the required time to develop a liking for what they enjoy, rather help her in the process to bring in mutual pleasure. Do remember that harrowing the partner's space will only add to your sexual woes.

We love you for what you are : Women are usually blamed for being a tad too conscious about their body image, especially when they are in bed. But, have you ever wondered who makes them so mindful of their appearance? Well, who else than the man himself. Why can't they let her enjoy the act, rather than forcing her to think about how's she looking between the sheets. This usually happens when men begin to compare their lady loves with sexy actresses they see in movie. Love her for ‘who she is' and not for ‘how she looks', just like she does.

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