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by Pardeep Wed Mar 13, 2013 12:29 pm
A man and wife having finished initial play when she asks the dreaded question, "Darling would you use a condom?"

Reluctantly he leaves the bed, goes to the dresser and fetches one, is putting it on when he sees the bedroom door open and his seven-year-old boy is saying goodnight to his mother. Mom has pulled the covers over her head and pretends to be sleeping.

Dad with nowhere to hide falls to the floor on all fours and tries to cover-up as best as he can.

The boy looks at Dad and asks, "Goodnight Dad. Uhh what are you doing?"

Dad says, "Ohh ahhh Just looking for a mouse."

The child says, "Oh Cool!! When you catch him, what are you going to do, F**K him?"

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