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Relationships have become tough because conversations are limited to texts, arguments are held over the phone calls and feelings are expressed through status updates on social networking sites.

These online posts, tweets and chats not only impact relationships but also affect the social behaviour of city youngsters. TOI delves deeper into the psyche of some of the Nagpurian youngsters

Getting affected
It goes without saying that your online activities can strongly impact your social behaviour. Nitisha Shah (name changed), a CA student, says, "Post my breakup, I deactivated my FB account and also surrendered my cell phone to my parents. A few days back, when I reactivated my online accounts, I saw my friends' cozy couple pictures and some lovey-dovey tweets; it made me feel lonelier. Also, when I see many in my peer group doing well in their respective careers, thanks to their status messages, it lowers my confidence. To avoid all this, I have again deactivated my account."

Social life ruined
Pritish Ahuja (name change), a commerce student, shares that his girlfriend gets depressed whenever he does not reply to her 'pings' on chat messenger. He explains, "My girlfriend gets upset thinking I deliberately ignore her messages. She fails to understand that though my chat messenger shows me online at times, I may not necessarily be chatting with anybody. I might leave my chat window open by mistake while I'm doing some other work. When I don't revert, she gets upset and then I feel guilty about it. I miss out on my social life as I'm mostly busy giving her explanations and pacifying her. This social app has ruined my social life."

From status updates to stalking
'Like, Share and Comment' options in the virtual world can sometimes invoke doubts and even fights between two lovers. Agreeing to this, a third-year engineering student, Shreya Sinha (name changed) admits that her boyfriend has become very insecure because of her lovey-dovey FB updates. She says, "My boyfriend fights with me over petty things like my profile picture or 'last seen' timing of my WhatsApp. He feels that my romantic updates and pretty pictures are aimed to attract guys' attention." A disturbed Shreya goes on to add, "I have noticed a sea change in his behaviour because he thinks I'm cheating on him. I have caught him several times secretly standing near my house, spying on me. I'm very disturbed with his changed behaviour, and though we have not officially broken up, I've stopped talking to him of late."

Bye, bye virtual world
While Shreya is having a tough time dealing with her insecure boyfriend, an interior designing student, Sanjana Singh, (name changed) bid adieu to not only her social networking site but also called off her relationship. She says, "I was so demoralised by my ex-beau's scrutiny of my virtual friend list that I started getting irritated. Finally, I deactivated my account and I'm certainly not reactivating my account now. I have changed my contact number as well. This step has not completely solved the problem, but it has minimized the trauma. I'm better off sans this virtual world."


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