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by Pardeep Tue Apr 26, 2016 8:04 am
We end our tour de force today with something so extreme that I had to take a step back to wrap my head around what I am looking at on the screen. Ken Block has a penchant for the extreme in everything he touches, regardless of whether it has wheels or not. What once started life as a potent, fire-breathing SVT off-road truck, quickly became a slope-climbing snowmobile on steroids.

24 Luxury Vehicles of Celebs Which Cost a Fortune
Price Tag: Unknown

According to Autoblog, the already capable powerhouse has seen more than just traction upgrades, "this truck also received a Whipple supercharger, full roll cage, Recaro seats, an in-bed snowboard rack, a roof basket, and a rear-mounted winch." All of this was reportedly designed for one primary reason: to get Ken and his buddies further up the hill for snowboarding


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