Curious about how to ask her out for your 1st Date or Is he/she your best friend but you always wanted to be more? Whether it's a Tip related to Love, Sex, Relationship or Dating, you've finally reached your destination. A few tips & tricks to help you with your love life.
by Sunny Wed Feb 27, 2013 4:55 am
Hey Friends!!

Just like the rainbow, Love also has so many colours, with each & every colour having their own meaning & value in everyone's life...just like --

Red Love - Red love is the most beautiful love in this world. This is for the soul-mates & life partners. This is observed in so many things like mehandi, sindoor, etc. Red is also the sign of alarm...

Yellow Love - Yellow love is for those who maintain & keeps up the beauty of purity, sanctity & decorum of their relationship with mutual respect & sharing. Who else other than friends could be blessed with this sacred love! This love is for real friends.

Green Love
- Love traffic open for everyone. This is like mother nature's love where there is equal love for everyone around us.

White Love- White love is most often observed under compulsion (ceasefire), service (nursing) & duty. This works good to maintain peace and harmony, can also be called as "Peace Love".

Blue Love
- Blue love is somewhat 'sin love', usually observed in pre-marital & extra-marital affairs.

Pink Love - Pink love is blissed for a mother to her baby. This is another boon love to all cute babies. Pink love buds out from the Red Love as a sign of love of the Red-lovers.

Orange Love
- Hey! no need to tell about this love....yeah its love towards the nation, that resides in the hearts of every Indian...... "Basanti Love".

So guyz & gals lets share the right colour with our beloved ones.


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