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While Valentine's Day might be just another day for some people, the LGBT community is serious about celebrating it this time around.

It might not have meant much to them earlier, but with the Supreme Court revoking the Delhi High Court's verdict on Section 377, the city's LGBT community is determined to come out to celebrate love.

Romal Singh, a media professional, who is very vocal about the rights of the community says, "Keeping in mind the whole backdrop of Section 377, they thought that a lot of us will go back in the closet. But exactly the opposite has happened. In fact, we feel the need to be outside and love each other like anyone else. A lot more people will come out together with their partners this time for a romantic dinner date or anything else to celebrate, which I think is awesome, especially when it comes to taking personal decisions like this. The SC's verdict may have worked against us in some ways, but, it has only made us more courageous and stronger in expressing our love."

Romal is just one of the many in the city who will be celebrating love today. Sober P from Manipur, who works in the fashion industry here, has a point when he asks, "When normal couples can celebrate Valentine's Day, then why can't we?" He adds, "We also have the right to celebrate the day of love with our partners, and that is what I am going to do. Our love isn't that different from that of normal couples."

But there are others who are afraid to venture out, given the SC ruling. Dilip Swamy, a software professional, says, "While I initially thought that the Supreme Court's decision will not affect my personal life, now that it is Valentine's Day, I am actually scared to go out on a date with my partner because I don't know how people will perceive us when we sit at a restaurant table." The solution to this problem would be the sit-down dinner at a city restaurant for the LGBT community. But Dilip says that an exclusive event like that is not the answer. "Why can't we just walk into any place in the city with a date? What will happen next then, a special hospital for people from the community?" he asks.

Fear grips Mangalore on Valentine's Day
In Mangalore, where incidents of moral policing have occurred once too often in the past few years, youngsters are looking at spending a quiet V-Day. The fear stems from the fact that there has been much unrest, including intolerance and a subsequent curb on women being part of the city's nightlife. The latest news is that unofficial warnings have been issued to lounge bars and hotels in the city, directing them to lie low and not promote nightlife. Needless to say, all plans to celebrate V-Day have been scrapped as no establishment wants to incur the wrath of the moral police or powerful political outfits.


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