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by Pardeep Mon Nov 11, 2013 5:48 am
If you have a computer or a laptop you know that two of the most important facets you can do is keep your Internet security options updated and keep your drivers updated. When you keep your drivers updated this allows for all your hardware and software programs to work more effectively. If you are the type of person who isn't sure how this kind of stuff works and you wish there was someway to go about this in an easier way, there is!

There are certain websites out there that will allow you to download a program that will automatically update all of your drivers on your computer so that all of your programs work more sufficiently and efficiently. With these programs your PC performance will be running at optimal levels, and your hardware devices will work properly, helping you enjoy your computer time rather than being frustrated by it.

These websites also have an option to where you can be notified of "driver updates". This is nice for those of you whom have no idea how or when to update drivers on your computer! The process is quite simple.

These programs will perform a thorough scan of your hardware and software and display detailed information for the detected items. You decide what items you want to download and install. They are easy to use.

It utilizes a guided step-by-step process from scan to install with directions on each step to assist you. With "auto" programs such as this, most of the work is done for you so it becomes less complicated for new users. So simply download the program and install it on to your computer.

- After its done setting up you will be introduced to the "welcome" screen, this screen will allow you to see which types of drivers you can update such as; sound card, video and graphic, printer, monitor, digital camera, USB, notebook, Ethernet, etc.

- Then you will be directed to another screen which will scan your entire computer.

- The next page will allow you to see the results that it came up with on which drivers need updated.

- This page will let you download the necessary drivers directly from the program. No more searching for the correct drivers online for hours on end!

- This page shows the history of what drivers you installed and downloaded, what time and date and for what "programs" or hardware you did the driver update for.

- And the last step will show you an ignore page. This for drivers that the program has scanned through, but if you don't want the driver for that specific item to be "updated" you simply can check the ignore box. Quite simple!

There is also a schedule option which will obviously allow you to schedule scans for driver updates, an about page which will allow you to update the actual program to a newer updated version and there is also a complete help guide for any and all questions and or concerns that you might have!

A few times I ran into this problem with my PC. I would insert something like a brand new keyboard I just bought and I would receive a pop-up window on my task bar stating that I had to install or update my drivers.

This is the perfect solvent to a problem such as this! Also, these programs (the good ones) will work on all systems such as Windows XP and Windows Vista. This is a good option for those of us who have bought new computers in the last year or so and are automatically defaulted the Windows Vista option.

Windows Vista in specifics seems to have a lot of "update drivers" notifications when it comes to things we would normally use on an everyday basis such as webcams, mice, keywords, or even programs such as MS works, Spy bot Search And Destroy and many others. This CAN become quite annoying sometimes, but when you have programs such as these driver updates it is no longer a hindrance of sorts!

Author : Kristi Ambrose


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