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by Pardeep Wed Nov 06, 2013 7:11 am
'Check out our new Discount menu'

Many retail sites offer discounts during the festive season or during changing season(popularly called off season discounts. Casing on these, spammers try to send mails to lure people to enter bogus sites and reveal their credit card details.

The fraudsters clone a retailer's site. And when a user clicks on the fake voucher, they are taken to this site, and prompted for login or credit card details, which the criminals then use to carry out identity theft.

Recently, Websense Security Labs discovered infectious emails wherein victims were receiving messages promoting a coupon from McDonald's or a holiday promotion from the Coca-Cola company. Both messages include a .zip attachment that contains either coupon.exe or promotion.exe. The malicious files are Trojan Droppers.

While the McDonald's email claims to present their latest discount menu, and states that the attached coupon should be printed; Coca-Cola email states that the attachment has details about their new online game and a chance to win Coca-Cola drinks free for life.


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