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Sharing some 'us' time while sweating it out at the gym is the newest fad among young couples now

You have gone on movie dates, taken strolls together and eaten out at numerous places, but now, given the proximity of Valentine's Day, won't it be just perfect to pledge to get fitter together? Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Many young couples of the city are doing just that — working out in the gym together and sharing quality time every morning.

Fitness expert Preetom Mukherjee Roy agreed to the trend. "There has been an increase in the number of pairs in gyms. Though it's a normal phenomenon abroad, a couple working out together is a very recent trend in the city. I guess that is because people are opening up about their relationships here," he said.

Listing the benefits of exercising together, Preetom said it ensured that the couple met every day. "Also, the two work towards a common goal of fitness. It is economical too, as you don't have to meet your beloved over coffee, dinner or movies. It is strongly recommended for people who are not open about their relationships at home and find it difficult to meet," he added.

Sumana Kar, 28, who has been working out with boyfriend Ujjwal Kumar Mandal, 30, for almost a year now, said, "Having your boyfriend at the gym ensures that we constantly motivate each other. He coaxes me to come and join him and viceversa on days when we feel lazy and want to skip gym. The best part is that though the trainer might not give me full attention, he keeps an eye on me and tells me the correct posture and technique."

On his part, Ujjwal said they both acted as each other's alarm clocks. "Since we are both working and busy during the day, it ensures that we meet up at least once every day. Also, I feel a couple should always do various activities together, as it keeps boredom out of a relationship."

Debjanee Chakrabarti, who works out with boyfriend Aveek Bhaduri, said it created a sense of bonding between them and helped them spend a little more time with each other. "We start our mornings with each other. What can be better than this? Also, since both of us are into fitness, it is an added incentive to have each other around."

Research assistant Chitranka Banerjee, 25, who works out with her boyfriend, said the sense of competition spiced up the gym routine. "Before we joined the gym together, we could not make time for each other every day. Now, the situation is different, and we are becoming fitter in the process. Also, I am very lazy and need constant motivation. So the thought of meeting him also pushes me. In the gym, we get some 'us' time and talk while on the treadmill. Then we compete with each other on who can burn more calories. Since it is your partner you are trying to look good for, you tend to work out harder in their presence."

Workout route to fitter relationships
She added that it was also economical, as gyms often offered couple packages, which turned out to be at least 20 per cent less than individual memberships. "The other benefit is that when you meet up over lunch or dinner, you can stop the other person from eating unhealthy, as you are working towards the common goal of fitness," Chitranka added.

Archer Rahul Banerjee and girlfriend Madhubanti Bhattacharya, too, work out together. Madhubanti said, "Having your boyfriend working out with you is like killing two birds with one stone. You get to spend an hour or more with him, sans the disturbance of mobile phones, and also feel good on achieving the same targets. Now that he is away for training in Singapore, I hardly feel like hitting the gym."

Namrata Deashi, 21, who is studying law, said, "It's a great experience working out with my boyfriend, Rahul Singh. Though our goals are different — Rahul wants to bulk up, while I want to slim down — having him around is motivation enough."

So those tired of trying to find the time and ways to meet your beloved, just convince each other to hit the gym together and just work towards a fitter relationship.


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