What's life without some Spice? These are jokes with a touch of the Best Humour i.e. Adult Humour in them. Only people aged 18 and above are advised to go in this section.
by Rehana Thu Jan 30, 2014 11:15 am
Two blondes approach the perfume counter. They pick up a sample bottle. Nancy sprays it on her wrist and sniffs it.

"That's quite nice," she says. "Don't you think so, Anna?"

Anna takes a whiff, "That is nice," she says. "What's it called?"

"Viens a moi," replies Nancy.

"Viens a moi? What the heck does that mean?"

"Viens a moi, ladies," the clerk intervenes helpfully, "is 'come to me' in French."

Nancy takes another sniff, then offers her arm to Anna again.

"That doesn't smell like cum to me," she opines. "Does that smell like cum to you?"


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