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by Pardeep Tue Mar 19, 2013 5:21 am
A wife wanted an expensive fur coat from the executive husband to celebrate

their Silver wedding anniversary.

The miser overbearing rich husband rejected the expensive but affordable demand, He said, "You grow the hair on your chest and I will give you fur coat to cover it."

The wife was out of control with anger. She pulls up her skirt, drops and throws her panties and pushes her hairy pubic area forward.

She said, "There! I have the hair on my chest, now buy me that damn coat!"

"That's not your chest, that is your Pu**y!" husband screamed back.

"Oh yes that is my chest all right" she yelled back.

"While we were dating this was your chest of hope.

We got married and on our honeymoon you used to tease me it was your chest of pleasure.

Then I started bearing children and it became your chest of family, and damn it

"If you don't buy me that fur coat, it is going to be the community chest of public."

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