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by Pardeep Thu Oct 10, 2013 7:32 am
"Couples who implement massages into their relationship often report that they feel closer to their partners. It encourages sexual desires, so they are not just connecting on a sensual level, but on a physical level too. This in turn builds trust and love. It can dispel negative feelings that you may have brought home from work. This fosters an intense bond, which is necessary for a truly connected and intimate relationship between two people. Keeping your hands in contact with your partner's skin is necessary for it to be a lasting and loving intimate relationship," explains sex therapist Dr. Simridhi Siddique

Simridhi further clarifies that sexual intimacy does not always result from a sensual massage, but it can lead to intimate encounters as you and your partner revive love and attraction with the simple act of touching.

Make massage a part of life!

"Friday evenings or Saturday mornings are the times I find most suited for a massage to take away at least some of the stresses that we all build up through the week. It takes me about 15 minutes at the most and the sense of appreciation that I get out from it from my husband can't be expressed in words," shares 29-year-old Shikha Bhatnagar, a designer.

Relationship expert Ratna suggests, "Try practicing a sensual massage formula three times a week for at least two weeks and see how it improves your relationship. You may be surprised at how the both of you look forward to the sensory ritual. And you may also be surprised at how quickly a renewed sexual attraction ensues from touching alone."

So, the next time the two of you have 20 minutes to yourselves, indulge not just your sense of touch, but almost all your senses. Decide if you want to carry out the massage while having a long, luxurious, warm soak in the tub or in your bedroom. Either way, just make sure you have the ambiance right.

Anita Paul, a Delhi based masseur advices, "If you choose the washroom as the pleasure sector, make sure the candles used there are fragrant and aromatic oils are burning. If you're joining your partner in a tub, make sure everything is within your reach. And if you're planning an extended session, bring in some red wine and and some aphrodisiacal food products like caviar, chocolates and strawberries are recommended. If you plan to carry out the session in the bedroom, make sure the room is clutter free. In case you're worried about staining the linen, put a rough sheet over your bed. Candles, music and scented oils complete the ambience."

How to go about it?
When you first think about a sensual massage with a special person in your life, you may recoil at the idea. You may think that you really do not know what to do when it comes to a massage. But there are some resources available when it comes to learning how to perform a sensual massage

If you are the adventurous sort, enrol for classes which teach you the techniques of a sensual massage. You can also learn these techniques via the Internet or by reading pertinent books on the subject.

Shares Deepshikha, "I read many books on massages, but was not able to apply all that was written in them. It was somehow not that comprehensible. Beyond books there are some great videos that can give you some really helpful tips, pointers and techniques associated with sensual massage."

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